Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chatting With Our Families

PFLAG parents love to chat. And they especially love to chat about their families: the LGBT kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and loved ones who make them proud every day. And when they talk, people listen . . . and learn. How can you argue with a mom or dad's belief that all of their children - regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity - deserve the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as every other American?

So it came as no surprise today that columnist and blogger Andrew Sullivan suggested that, if Senator Barack Obama wants to learn more about loving families, he might want to chat with PFLAG'ers.

"At some point before the election, he should give a speech to some chapter of PFLAG: the Parents [Families] and Friends of Lesbians and Gays," Sullivan wrote on his blog today. "It's an integrative, family-oriented way to demonstrate his support for gay people . . . "

Indeed, PFLAG parents have been educating leaders from both parties for years about what being pro-family is really all about: embracing and loving every family. And as part of PFLAG's 2008 get out the vote campaign, they'll be talking to their neighbors, co-workers and friends, too, about the importance of showing up at the polls in November and making their voices heard.

And at PFLAG, our moms and dads are non-partisan chatters. So we suggest to Andrew that maybe Senator McCain would be moved by a visit to his local PFLAG chapter, too. After all, as any proud PFLAG mom can tell you, our families have a lot to chat about . . . and a lot to teach us all.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Obama actually did this. Perhaps word would get out about it along with the location. I would think that many PFLAG people from other locations would come to support it and fill the room to SRO! Regardless of what Obama and McCain claim to know about loving families, until they meet the PFLAG family, they haven't an idea of what loving families are all about!

Char Cepek said...

We recently met with a U of C colleague of Barak Obama's for lunch. This individual, who has a gay family member, is definitely an Obama supporter, but he mentioned that he believes Obama objects to marriage equality based on religious principles.

PFLAG would be happy to meet with Obama to explain why our LGBT loved ones desire exactly the same rights as our straight sons, daughters, and other family members. It's a simple matter of equality--and he should surely understand that!

Char and John Cepek

Anonymous said...

Senator Obama ~ You are officially invited to join the Charlotte Chapter of PFLAG. We would love to chat with you about our wonderful families. I imagine with the diversity in your family, you also have a gay relative, right? Come, an let us share our stories with you.