Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Have You Thanked the LGBT Caucus Lately?

In an effort to generate a grassroots campaign to short-circuit congressional support for LGBT rights, the religious right's American Family News Network (AFN) recently posted an article by Jeff Johnson entitled Homosexuality Takes Congress by Storm.

Johnson incorporates the typical right wing rhetoric justifying the belief that singling out LGBT people for unfair treatment under the laws of our country is acceptable. At the end of his article, he provides a comprehensive list of all 52 members of Congress who unflinchingly stand in our corner, fighting to secure equal rights and fair treatment for all of our families. The intent of Johnson’s article and this “hit list,” is to inspire religious radicals to inundate our congressional allies with calls and letters of outrage in an effort to deny our families the rights provided to us under the Constitution.

Responding to AFN’s tactics, we are proudly showcasing our congressional allies who stand united in the fight to secure LGBT equality. We strongly encourage you all to take a brief moment, and call or write these leaders expressing your gratitude for their unwavering support. They certainly deserve praise for trying to make the United States a more perfect union for all.

For the complete list of all 52 members of the new LGBT Congressional Caucus (led by Congressman Barney Frank & Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, pictured), click here. If your elected representative is on the list, email them to thank them for their support. And if they're not, ask that they join the growing group of leaders who are working to move equality forward for us all!

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