Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Logic Prevails in Columbia

A few weeks ago I blogged about Irmo High School, in Columbia, South Carolina. That's the one where the principal resigned in protest over the formation of a gay-straight alliance (GSA) club. Apparently, lawyers advised the school that it must allow the GSA in addition to the other clubs.

So, the school district proposed the idea of banning all clubs in order to get rid of the pesky GSA. Well, this week the school district seemed to come at least partially to it's senses and voted to allow all clubs, including the GSA.

Sadly, parents will have the "option" of not letting their kids participate in clubs, which could prevent youth from non-accepting families from being able to meet with GLBT/ally peers. And there's also a provision about preventing "sexually explicit topics" - to keep in line with the district's "abstinence-based curriculum." So-called "abstinence only" curriculums fail to protect students by withholding health-related education, but that's another story altogether. For now, we should be thankful that all students at Irmo High School have equal access to all clubs.

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