Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding Congratulations!

PFLAG National wants to send their congratulations to Mark Eggleston and Darrin Brindle. Mark and Darrin are PFLAG Houston board members who were married yesterday in California!

They have been featured in a story on the NBC Nightly News, in a news piece that discusses the surge of applicants for marriage licenses and wedding ceremonies due to the overturn of the ban on same-sex marriage by the California Supreme Court.

The news story also covers how the increase in marriage licenses and ceremonies will cause an economic boom for the California wedding industry, how the California economy as a whole will be benefit greatly, but most importantly, what this decision means for couples like Mark and Darrin who are unable to get married in their home state.

The couple affirms that even though they will be returning to Texas, a state that may not recognize their marriage, “It is still absolutely real, and legitimate, and valid.”

Congratulations again, and best wishes!

Watch the whole story here.

- Jennifer Vergamini