Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Why Can't My Son be Gay?"

For a little humor today, read "Why Can't My Son Just Be Gay?" over at If you aren't a member you'll have to watch a short commercial, but it's worth it.

"How could I not dream of having a son who cared deeply about all the right things: fashion, musical theater, interior d├ęcor? But mostly a son who cared deeply about the most right thing of all: his mother? How could I not yearn for a son who would tell me that the bias cut emphasized my saddlebag thighs, that no one was staining concrete anymore, that the tiniest bit of white on the upper lids would open up my eyes and make me look 10 years younger? And now that California is handing out marriage licenses, what mother could resist the opportunity to micromanage a union in which both participants would obsess with her about whether the color theme celadon and peach or apple green and hot pink best expresses their love?"

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