Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arkansas Adoption Ban One Step Closer to Reality

On Top Magazine is reporting this afternoon that an effort to ban all adoptions in Arkansas by unmarried couples has moved one step closer to qualifying for the November ballot, with anti-gay groups in the state promoting the measure as a way to "blunt a homosexual agenda."

"On Monday, the Family Council Action Committee (FCAC) met a deadline to submit 61,974 signatures to the Secretary of State to place a proposed law banning unmarried couples from adopting children on the November ballot," reporter Carlos Santoscoy writes. "While the initiative bans both same-sex and opposite-sex couples, the organization's website lists banning gay and lesbian couples from adoption as a goal of the law."

In 1999, the Arkansas Supreme Court struck down a ban on adoption by lesbian and gay couples living in the state.

"The primary concern of the state of Arkansas, and the voters in the state, should be the best interests of the children, and this measure fails that test in spades," PFLAG told On Top. "Lesbian and gay couples from to coast are giving homes and second chances to foster children and building strong families. There is nothing pro-family about denying children the opportunity to be part of a loving family.”

To read the magazine's full report, click here.


Gabi Clayton said...

In 1999, the Arkansas Supreme Court struck down a ban on adoption by lesbian and gay couples living in the state.

One of the four Arkansans who were involved in that decision was Bill (William) Wagner, husband of past vice-president of PFLAG National Carolyn Wagner.

See ACLU Urges Arkansas Supreme Court to Uphold Ruling

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