Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cyndi Lauper - Soap Star?

If you weren't able to make it out to one of the various show stops to see the True Colors tour, there is still an opportunity to catch Cyndi Lauper -- on the CBS soap, As the World Turns, tomorrow!

Entertainment Weekly has released an article about Cyndi's guest appearance on the July 3rd episode, with details on her role in the episode as well as insight into why she established the True Colors tour. The whole article can be read here.

Entertainment Weekly writes that if you were to ask Cyndi what she hopes viewers will walk away from the episode with, she would answer, "That true love should win out!" Referring, we're assuming, to Noah and Luke's relationship, but the answer serves as a greater message to all couples, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, or the other qualities by which some people often try to bar love.

Of the tour, Cyndi said that it is "an opportunity to step forward. I wanted to do it though the power of music and laughter and have information at people's fingertips.'' To this, EW follows, "That's why, in addition to the family and friends grassroots organization PFLAG (which we all know Noah's homophobic, presumed-dead father could've benefited from joining), Lauper also invited the Human Rights Campaign along on this year's tour, which wraps July 5, to help concertgoers register to vote."

Brian Juergens from AfterElton also visited the ATWT set the day Cyndi Lauper taped the guest appearance and spoke with Lauper about the episode and the tour. Cyndi told Juergens that,
It’s wonderful in this soap opera that they’re showing real life. And there’s a lot of real people in real situations – that’s why on the tour I also brought along PFLAG. Because you know, when you come out you go through what you go through, but your family goes through a lot too, and who do they talk to if they don’t know other people? But there’s PFLAG where they can talk to other parents. Information is power, and I wanted to do a tour that would empower people.
Tune in tomorrow for Cyndi's debut!

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