Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Daughter's Courage, A Congressman's Love

The number of Congressional representatives who support full marriage equality has just increased by one . . . thanks, in large part, to one daughter's courage and one father's love for his child.

New Jersey Congressman Steve Rothman (pictured) recently told The Record in North Jersey that, while he previously supported civil unions for same-sex couples, he now believes that all couples should be entitled to full marriage rights.

"As a former mayor of Englewood, Rothman performed many marriage ceremonies," columnist Alfred Doblin reports. "In a phone interview . . . he said the 'issue of gay marriage has been on my mind' ever since those days. Yet despite his two biological children often telling him that 'of course, gay people should be able to be married,' he still would respond, 'I'm not there yet.'"

But recently, one of Rothman's step-daughters "came out," and the Congressman's views on marriage equality came full circle.

"His evolution on same-sex marriage is not unusual," Doblin writes. "When someone knows an openly gay or lesbian person, his or her views on equality broaden. Rothman is embracing a brave, new lavender world because like any parent, he wants his children to live happy, productive lives."

"Life can be short and hurtful for some," Rothman told the paper. "Anytime anyone in the community speaks out against discrimination, it advances the cause of ending discrimination."

Rothman has now joined the newly formed LGBT Congressional caucus . . . and he has joined the ranks of other prominent public officials, including Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who are embracing their LGBT children. Nothing moves equality forward like a daughter's courage . . . and a Congressman's love.

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Wonderful I think this is great. We all should have equeal opportunities.