Monday, July 14, 2008

Do Gays Make Better Parents?

Robert Bernstein, the former National Vice President of PFLAG, just recently had an editorial featured in the Washington Blade. The title of the piece is, “Do gays make better parents?” and can be read in full here. The piece could be indicative of some clairvoyant capabilities on Bernstein’s part, as it came two days prior to presumptive presidential nominee John McCain’s comments regarding his opposition to gay adoption.

Berntstein writes, “I have long been convinced that same-sex parents — on average — tend to do a better job of parenting. As I wrote in my book “Families of Value,” early studies firmly supported that view for a variety of fairly obvious reasons. Unlike heterosexuals, same-sex couples don’t become parents by accident, or because of parental or cultural pressures. For them, those same pressures are barriers rather than incentives. So they become parents solely because their nurturing instincts are sufficiently strong to fuel the courage to overcome the societal barriers.”

He continues on to say that there is, "A 'growing body of evidence shows that same-sex couples have a great deal to teach everyone else about marriage and relationships.' Most basically, gay and lesbian couples are 'far more egalitarian' than their heterosexual counterparts in how they share responsibilities and resolve conflicts."

Bernstein refers to an "addiction to cultural norms" and the problems that arise in straight coupled relationships when one partner wants roles and responsibilities that society has traditionally reserved for the partner of the opposite sex. Bernstein explains that, "gender plays no role in same-sex couples’ division of child-care duties. So the children are far more apt to benefit from the natural strengths and interests of their two parents."

To read the rest of what Bernstein has to say about the topic, click here.

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