Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marriage Equality: It's Good Business Sense

The opening of marriage equality in California is significant because unlike the first state to allow it, Massachusetts, the Golden State allows couples from out of state to get married as well. But that may change very soon...

As early as this month, Massachusetts may join California in allowing non-residents to come and tie the knot as well. Massachusetts has a very old (dating from from 1913) law that bans out-of-state couples from marrying. Many suspect the law was created to keep interracial couples from flocking from states where their marriages were not allowed.

According to The Mercury News, Gov. Deval Patrick (who's daughter recently came out) and leaders in the state house and senate support repealing the ban - and the vote could come this week!

More interestingly this week in The Boston Globe it's reported that the state's Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development predicts a major economic boost from out-of-state gay couples getting married. It seems like a win-win situation!

We'll keep you updated on the developments in Massachusetts!

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