Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Marriage Update From Massachusetts

Last Wednesday we reported on the bill that would allow same-sex couples from out-of-state to get married in Massachusetts (as they can now in California). The bill breezed through the state's Senate, and Gov. Deval Patrick vowed to sign the legislation once it reached his desk.

The bill is expected to be signed into law before this fall...but it may have hit a speed bump.

The Boston Globe is reporting
that there have been concerns from some lawmakers in the state's House (where the bill will have to pass next before going on to the Governor). Specifically the concern comes from those facing tough re-elections - and they are less than happy about a "hot button issue" going to vote that could hurt them in their runs for office.

Massachusetts has had complete marriage equality for four years now. While there are fringe elements that still resist the reality of same-sex marriage in the Bay State, one would think the controversy had blown over. The sky never fell, and the world never came to an end. Gay spouses are simply enjoying what their straight counterparts have always been able to enjoy (albeit without the federal benefits). It's sad to see the fear factor causing even Democratic representatives to hesitate on this civil rights issue.

Fortunately, many are predicting the bill will go through in this session. Arline Isaacson, who co-chairs the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian political caucus, said, “We are not at all concerned about the speaker’s commitment or whether he will follow through on it. It’s going to happen.”

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