Friday, July 11, 2008

Petition Challenge in Maryland

Here's some news that's taking place in PFLAG National's own backyard. We've reported in the past on Montgomery County, Maryland's law that prohibits discrimination - including based on gender identity.

Extremists calling themselves "Citizens for Responsible Government" have been trying to gather signatures to put a measure on the November election ballot that could potentially get rid of these protections. And it seems, sadly, they did get enough signatures...or did they?

The Washington Post
reports today they may not have:

"Gay and transgender rights advocates said yesterday that Montgomery County's Board of Elections miscalculated the number of signatures required to challenge a law that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity."

The judge is expected to rule in a few weeks. The issues at hand is that there appears to be be a lot of "inactive voters" who signed the petitions. Let's hope the so-called "Citizens for Responsible Government" don't get their way, and don't get their shot at undoing valuable protections for all people in Montgomery County.

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