Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saro Harvey Speaks to Metro DC PFLAG

Rod 2.0:Beta has a great synopsis of Thursday evening's Metro D.C. PFLAG meeting, which included an appearance by Saro Harvey, who was recently profiled in The Washington Post's story on youth coming out, and his mom, Emily Zientara-Harvey. They appeared as part of the chapter's Brothers and Sisters Under the Rainbow series.

From Rod 2.0:Beta's report:

Bill DelGrosso, a Washington-area Rod 2.0 reader who is active in PFLAG DC, captured these images and took some notes. "The discussion ranged in topics from GLBT housing, the disconnect between GLBT people of color and their church, black prides being more about the party and less family oriented, to HIV/AIDS awareness and parents' relationships with their gay black children," Bill tells Rod 2.0. "Saro said, 'I'm just very lucky to have my family love me.' Saro's mother, Emily Zientara-Harvey, was also very emphatic about how glad she was that her son came out. 'I always knew or suspected to the point where I wanted so badly to ask. I just was so relieved when he finally told me. I did a little dance after that.' "

Another panelist, Jacqueline Davison, seen above sitting next to Mrs, Harvey, puts the Harveys relationship in context. Bill Delgrosso tells Rod 2.0 Mrs. Davison has three children, two of which came out to her in the 1970s "When you couldn't even use the word lesbian.," she says. "It was a different time, but I was so glad they did it. I love all my children, my straight daughter feels like the odd one out... I see her marriage and that of my lesbian daughter as the same."

To read the full report on Thursday's meeting, click here.

Photo from Rod 2.0:Beta and Bill DelGrosso.

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