Thursday, July 3, 2008

Unsafe Schools?

Today in New England's GLBT newpaper, Bay Windows, is an article about the state of safe schools in Massachusetts. One of the people interviewed is Stanley Griffith, board president of Greater Boston PFLAG. I had the pleasure of meeting Stanley at the True Colors show in Boston last month, and I remember having a conversation with him and other chapter members about safe schools, and how there is growing concern that things might not be moving forward...but potentially backwards.

In the article Stanley says of a recent poll that appears to show there has actually been a rise in anti-GLBT harrassment and violence in Massachusetts schools, "I’ve been distressed since I saw those numbers because I had some optimism that things might be getting better."

Read "Unsafe Schools Program?" and share your experiences, if you have any. Clearly even in states with progressive safe schools policies, we have to remain vigilant and have our work cut out for us to keep student safety moving forward.

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