Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anti-Every Family

In at least one state in the union, the anti-gay forces seeking to roll-back rights for the LGBT community are equally happy to step on the liberties of other families, too, if that's what it takes to advance their anti-family agenda.

The Associated Press has reported that anti-family advocates in Arkansas have succeeded in getting a divisive, prejudicial measure on the November ballot that would not only ban adoption by lesbian and gay Arkansas residents . . . but by anyone of any sexual orientation who isn't (heterosexually) married.

"The measure would prohibit unmarried couples living together from fostering or adopting children, and Arkansas doesn't allow gays to marry or recognize gay marriages conducted elsewhere," the AP reports. The ballot initiative was organized in response to a recent Arkansas Supreme Court decision striking down a a statewide ban on adoption by same-sex couples.

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel opposes the measure, and Arkansas Families First, a statewide coalition working to defeat the measure, has said it has strong grounds to challenge the measure's appearance on the ballot in court.

While anti-gay groups say they collected more than the 61,000 signatures needed to place the issue before voters, Arkansas Families First "found numerous signatures that should have been rejected by the state as invalid," AP says. The group is also planning to challenge the measure's constitutionality.

Should the measure make it to the November ballot, it is critical that Arkansas voters vote No on the measure. Too many children have waited too long for loving homes to have their dreams dashed by fringe anti-family activists who are out-of-step with the best interests of kids.

The forces pushing this hurtful measure aren't just anti-our families; they're anti-every family.

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