Monday, August 4, 2008

"Equal Means Equal"

Living in New York with your partner and want to get married? Know a GLBT couple in Vermont who wants to tie the knot? No need to fly to the West Coast anymore; the much-anticipated repeal of out-of-state marriage bans for gay couples in Massachusetts has taken effect as of last Thursday!

As promised, Gov. Deval Patrick signed the bill. But with one special bonus: the bill included an emergency provision that would make it go into effect immediately. Now the Bay State joins the Golden State in offering full marriage equality to anyone in the U.S.

Governor Patrick had this to say in The Boston Herald:

“Equal means equal...In five years now, ... the sky has not fallen, the earth has not opened to swallow us all up, and more to the point, thousands and thousands of good people - contributing members of our society - are able to make free decisions about their personal future, and we ought to seek to affirm that every chance we can.”

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