Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Equality Coming to Iowa?

While politicians argue over their support or lack thereof for gay adoption rights and marriage equality, The Chicago Tribune gives us a more accessible window into the lives of a gay couple with kids in Sioux City, Iowa.

Being a committed gay couple in the Heartland is not without some bumps in the road, but overall their days reflect an "ordinary life filled with laundry, work on the house and lawn and dining at home on chicken and rice." With two kids, Chuck and Jason have their hands full!

Yet, last year there was a brief window in which gay couples were allowed to get married. A Polk County District court judge ruled in favor of marriage equality, and that decision is now on appeal to the state's Supreme Court. And Chuck and Jason have become a part of the court battle for equality - because they simply want the same protections for their family that their neighbors enjoy. From insurance to equality, civil unions "just don't cut it." Full equality is needed to make sure their family is legally and financially equal to other Iowan families.

Be sure to stay tuned for news about the Iowa Supreme Court case on marriage equality.

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