Friday, August 29, 2008

The First (and Only) Married Gay Couple in Iowa Celebrate 1-Year Mark

This time last year there was a small window of time between a Polk County (IA) judge's ruling and the filing of an appeal in which marriage equality was open in Iowa. And this is the extraordinary story of the one couple that managed to squeeze their marriage into that time frame and become Iowa's only (thus far) legally married same-sex couple.

Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan, two men from Ames, became Iowa's first, and only, same-sex couple to marry before the judge's ruling was put on hold pending an appeal. Now the Iowa Supreme Court seems likely to rule on the appeal in 2009. What do they think of what the future holds? Says McQuillan, “We look forward to the Supreme Court making the right decision... I’d be kind of disappointed if they didn’t. ... But it’s not a big deal. There’s always California or Massachusetts. It’s not like we’d become unmarried.”

In the meantime the two do have something else to celebrate besides their distinction as the first and sole same-sex couple to enjoy marriage equality in the Hawkeye State: it's also their first anniversary! Read more about them in The Des Moines Register article out today. Perhaps with the next Iowa Supreme Court ruling, others in that state will be able to enjoy the marriage equality Tim and Sean do.

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