Monday, August 25, 2008

How Many Times Does it Take?

Today, The New York Times introduces us to New York gay couple Bob Morris and his husband, Ira. They were married in California, thus making their marriage legally recognized in New York State. Through them we get an inside view of the legal labyrinth of marriage equality laws. In their case, what happens if voters pass Proposition 8 in California this November?

"We'll marry each other as often as needed," writes Morris. Unfortunately this has been the reality for far too many committed couples. Take, for instance, the Matsumura family. Elly, daughter of proud PFLAG parents Molleen and Ken Matsumura, married her wife back in 2004 when San Francisco rolled out the red carpet for marriage equality... only to see their marriage invalidated. Ultimately, they were allowed to marry again when the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of equality this summer. But as with Bob and Ira, the specter of that right being taken away again seems all too real with a ballot initiative that would again nullify their nuptials.

How would the heterosexual community react if they had to fear their marriages could be undone with a vote or ruling? Or that by crossing state lines their marriage recognition vanished? This is the reality for LGBT Americans, and this is why we need full marriage equality. In the meantime, be sure to check out!

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Chino Blanco said...

Just a heads up: Mike Huckabee recently gave an interview in which he holds Mitt Romney responsible for implementing gay marriage in Massachusetts.


Welcome to the coalition.

I wish that more rank and file members of the LDS (Mormon) church would realize: the anti-gay coalition they've joined in California is one that includes folks who - given the chance - would vote their church out of existence.

Folks like Mike Huckabee and his Evangelical buddies.