Friday, August 1, 2008

Huckaby Weds in California

Sunday was a magnificent day in Northern California as my partner and I attended the wedding of brother, Jason, and his partner of 21 years, Michael. Several of their family members and friends gathered under the large trees outside their hillside home overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the perfect setting for a beautiful ceremony which finally made legal in California their long time commitment to each other.

I gave a toast at their commitment ceremony two years earlier in that same spot, and I was reminded by Jason and Michael and some of Sunday’s guests of what I had said. My hope for them and everyone present in 2006 was that we would someday see the reality of marriage equality in California, so that Jason and Michael would have the full rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage that the many straight married couples among the guests already have. After two years of much hard work, that toast became a reality!

We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating their marriage, and as things began to wind down, Jason asked me if I intended to marry Stephen some day. I said, “Well, we have achieved marriage equality in two states, now we have 48 states remaining, plus our own District of Columbia, so perhaps we’ll walk down the aisle when we have marriage equality in our own backyard.”

Of course, now we must hold on to marriage equality in California. While out on the west coast, I met with several chapter leaders to discuss how they are working to defeat Proposition 8. They and we at PFLAG National are all committed to fighting this anti-gay, anti-family and anti-community initiative. PFLAG is working in unison with the Equality for All Campaign and its many partners to keep marriage equality alive and well in California.

In doing so, we’ll ensure that Jason’s and Michael’s marriage, and that of thousands of other committed gay couples who have also married since June, will remain protected. Families and communities are much stronger because of marriage equality, so this is a fight we all must join, regardless of where we live. In keeping marriage equality in California, we give hope to the millions of couples across the nation who dream of the same for their relationships. Now is the time for all of us to work to defeat Prop 8. Click here to learn how today!

-Jody Huckaby, PFLAG Executive Director

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