Friday, August 8, 2008

Intolerance is a National Problem

(Rev. Gordon Gibson, Photo courtesy Bay Area Reporter / Jane Philomen Cleland)

Not one to blame the prevailing conservative culture of his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, Reverend Gordon Gibson says that hate and intolerance of GLBT people is a nationwide problem that needs to be addressed.

And he has a perspective to know: Gibson is a survivor of the Unitarian Universalist church shooting that happened last month in Knoxville. The Reverend sat down to talk with the Bay Area Reporter about how certain national-level media outlets need to hold themselves accountable for spreading fear and intolerance. Pointing out that the South "has never been monolithically conservative," he feels the alleged shooter "tapped into a national intolerance broadcast on the popular news programs as an outlet for his personal frustrations."

What are your thoughts on what drove someone to murder in a church that opened it's arms to GLBT people (and PFLAG meetings)? Be sure to leave your comments in the comment section below.

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