Monday, August 18, 2008

It's STILL Elementary . . . September on 'In the Life'

The September episode of In the Life, the award-winning PBS series examining LGBT issues, includes an update on one of the most talked-about LGBT film events of the past decade: It's Elementary, the ground-breaking film that examined LGBT issues in America's schools.

It's Elementary raised a storm of protest and dialogue when the cameras entered several grade schools 10 years ago and recorded 3rd & 4th graders challenging gay stereotypes . . . a decade later, now young adults, the students reflect on the experience in It's Still Elementary. And In the Life looks at kids' journey, the message behind the film and the more-relevant-than-ever issues posed by the original project.

In the Life's September episode, "A Festival of Film," airs on public television stations across the country. For local broadcast dates and times - and more about the series - visit the show's home on the web, at And for a free preview of the Elementary episode, click here.

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