Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keeping the Spotlight On

Today's Ithaca Journal includes an editorial - following up on a story earlier in the week - offering support for Kathy Gilleran's seach for her son, Aeryn.

PFLAG first reported on Kathy's quest to learn the truth about her son's disappearance weeks ago, and since then the media and public have finally stepped up to the plate and given the case the attention it deserves.

"The entire episode seems to run counter to how we believe investigations are routinely carried out in the United States under similar circumstances," the Journal editorial board writes today, adding that "Public pressure, especially when applied to politicians in cases like this, serves many a purpose, including keeping the spotlight on Aeryn Gilleran's disappearance when age will continue to make the case get colder and colder."

All of us at PFLAG will continue to stand with Kathy. And we're grateful that others are standing with her, too.

Photo by Tim Ashmore/The Ithaca Journal

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