Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking for Common Ground

This comes to us from senior field and policy coordinator Kim Jones. She shares with us her thoughts on an op-ed, Gay Marriage and the Black Vote, that appeared recently in The Los Angeles Times...

At PFLAG National, we do a lot of education about the strengths of every culture and how we can work together in the GLBT movement. We recognize each culture plays a part in contributing to the progressive strides we have made for the GLBT community, as well as to contributing to the tactics that hold our movement back. This article reflects there is a very even national distribution of those for marriage equality and those against marriage equality, regardless of race or ethnicity. Every culture has its civil rights leaders and those who are less supportive of equality. Let us look for commonalities and ways we can encourage our families and friends or every race and ethnicity to be civil rights leaders this election year.

As we consider marriage, voting, and diverse racial and ethnic groups, let us also consider what ties marriage to other civil rights. Marriage is critical this year, especially in California, but we need to be ever-mindful of the many facets in the struggle for equality.

Read Gay Marriage and the Black Vote.

-Kim Jones

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