Monday, August 18, 2008

Q & A with Kathy Gilleran

Our reporting on Kathy Gilleran's search for her son, who disappeared in Austria in 2007, has moved many of our readers. We've received numerous emails, messages of support for Kathy, and many questions about the story, how you can help, and what happens now.

Kathy has asked PFLAG to express her gratitude for all our supporters have done to draw attention to her search for Aeryn. (Since our original report appeared, Kathy has been interviewed by Michelangelo Signorile, and covered by PageOneQ.) Your interest in Aeryn's story has helped capture the public's attention, and your support for this amazing mom has inspired her to keep searching for answers.

Later this week, the PFLAG blog and Bilerico will host a Q & A with Kathy. We have heard from many of you that you still have questions about the story, and Kathy has agreed to answer as many of your questions as possible.

Here's how it works: Leave a question for Kathy here in the comments section of this blog entry, and we'll select a sampling of those, send to her, and ask her to respond. Then, we'll post her answers here on the blog later in the week.

And for updates on Kathy's search for Aeryn, stay tuned here. We'll be posting the latest news and information about the story as more details come in . . . .


Tony said...

Hi Kathy,

Let me preface this by saying how sorry I am for you and that you have my greatest hopes for finding your son.

Have you considered seeking the help of social network sites like Manhunt and Recon for information? A public broadcast on these sites would reach thousands of people who may have additional information.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kathy,

I'm am saddened to hear about Aeryn. I went to school with Aeryn at Groton High School. I am shocked by what has happened.

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you!


Alois said...

Dear Kathy,
today I read in the magazin FALTER about your son Aeryn:
I am so sorry about what has happened with your son und your inconclusively search of him.
And with extreme sadness I think of the uncooperative Austrian police (I am Austrian).
Hopefully you have friends giving you puissance to live on.

My best wishes for you!

Please, forgive me my terrible English.

Bernard Pelow said...

Dear Kathy,
My heart grieves for your loss of Aeryn, and for the despicable way you were treated by the Austrian police.
What I don't understand is why the FBI could not help. I know they cannot perform their own investigations, but they do work as liaisons with other countries police and governments in criminal cases involving American citizens. Did Aeryn get Austrian citizenship, or was he there on a visa?
I hope this finds it's way to you, and that you would write me back at my email address of anytime.
In the meantime, God Bless and bring you comfort until you can bring Aeryn home.
Bernard Pelow

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