Friday, August 1, 2008

Saluting Heather Gillman

Heather Gillman (pictured) is my kind of person. She stood up for a friend, challenged her Principal’s biased and homophobic response, and won.

Heather is a student at Ponce De Leon High School in the Florida panhandle. A fellow student was being teased for being a lesbian, and when the student went to the principal for help, he not only refused to intervene – he blamed and shamed her for being a lesbian, telling her “her lifestyle was against the Bible."

And when Heather and other students came to her defense and formed a Gay Pride (“GP”) movement and started wearing rainbow t-shirts and writing “GP” on their notebooks, the principal also tried to silence and punish them.

With the help of the ACLU, Heather successfully sued the school for violating her first amendment rights. She says she decided to bring the suit “Because I thought it was wrong that he was telling people that being gay or lesbian was going against the Bible or going down the wrong road. I didn't think that was – I didn't think he should be able to be pushing that on people.”

Thanks Heather! . . . Thanks for standing up for your rights, your friends' rights . . . and all of our rights.

- Suzanne Greenfield

Photo by Express Gay News

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Thanks from Canada, Heather!

I love to hear the one on one events that one person has stood up and has been counted.

Ruby Hamilton
PFLAG Canada