Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"The seconds, the thirds and the fourths . . . "

Mile-High Political Views, a blog covering this week's Democratic Convention from the LGBT perspective, has an interview today with Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin, the first openly lesbian Representative elected to Congress. Baldwin, widely recognized as one of the leaders on LGBT issues in the House, will be speaking tonight in Denver, between 7 and 8pm (EST).

Ahead of tonight's speech, she sat down with Mile-High blogger Mark Segal.

"It’s great to achieve historic firsts, but there’s still work to be done until we achieve the seconds and the thirds and the fourths, until these achievements are commonplace and nobody thinks twice about them," Baldwin said in discussing her place in history. "We’ve come a long way. Now the hard work is to make this everyday news."

The Congresswoman said that, this evening, she'll be "focusing on women in the economy, and one of the issues closest to my heart — in fact the reason I first ran for office in the first place — creating a healthcare system that covers all Americans. I’m going to be addressing the particular importance of national healthcare and healthcare reform as it affects women and the economy."

To read Segal's full interview with Baldwin, click here.

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