Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tell Governor Rendell to Abstain from Abstinence-Only Programs

PFLAG has learned that Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (pictured) is considering reversing his position on the federal government’s failed abstinence-only-until-marriage program. Currently, Pennsylvania is one of 25 states that no longer participates in this harmful program, which ignores solid data and the best interests of our kids.

If you live in Pennsylvania, please urge Governor Rendell to put kids first, and continue to refuse forcing this dangerous agenda on our educators and families.

Please take some time to call the Governor’s office today at (717) 787-2500 and ask Governor Rendell to keep Pennsylvania, and your kids, out of Title V abstinence programs. It is imperative that you call or email today; reports indicate Rendell may enroll Pennsylvania in the abstinence-only program any day now.

When you call, please be sure to mention the following important points:

- Pennsylvania’s kids shouldn’t be subjected to harmful, disproven programs. Medical professionals and researchers agree that abstinence-only doesn’t work, and in fact contributes to higher levels of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Pennsylvania’s kids shouldn’t be made to participate in a program that experts call harmful and counter-productive.

- By enrolling Pennsylvania in abstinence-only, Governor Rendell would be out-of-step with other states. A growing number of states – 25 and counting – have rejected abstinence-only and publicly committed to ensuring that teens receive solid, accurate information to make healthy, responsible decisions. Governor Rendell shouldn’t set Pennsylvania apart by making it the first state to support, and then back off from, that smart commitment.

- Our children deserve the facts, not right-wing rhetoric. Pennsylvanians support age-appropriate, medically accurate sex education, not the ideological, right-wing rhetoric that is the basis of abstinence-only education. Governor Rendell should stand up for Pennsylvania family values – of inclusion, education and common sense – and not bow down to conservative political forces with an agenda for our children.

You can also send Governor Rendell an email message, by clicking here.

Please take a moment, today, to stand up for Pennsylvania's kids, and urge the Governor not to back away from his smart decision to refuse anstinence-only funding and programs.

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