Monday, August 11, 2008

Traveling Light

This comes to us today from Jan Couchman, the president of our Dayton, OH chapter. She introduces us to the books of Katrina Kittle, a straight ally who has, along with her books providing tools for families, presented programs at area PFLAG chapters...

I just want to let everyone know about a great book that speaks to the gay and lesbian community. It's called Traveling Light by Katrina Kittle. It originally was published in 2000 but was re-released by a new publisher (HarperCollins) in June, 2008.

We had the author come to the Dayton PFLAG meeting and she was great. After that talk, she was invited to the Lima PFLAG chapter. The book has been really helpful to people--she talked about readers telling her they'd used it to help smooth the process of coming out to their families. Katrina talked about how frustrating it was that the original publisher never really targeted the book to gay readers the way she wanted them to. I think it's a wonderful, moving book that the entire gay community should know about and help promote.

Rev. Michael Castle, the pastor of Cross Creek Community Church (where Dayton's PFLAG meets) said, "They say that 'good literature is good theology.' And in that regard, Kittle's Traveling Light won't disappoint. Her story is powerful, moving, deeply spiritual and quite provocative in its connection to, and understanding of, the human experience." Check it out at or

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