Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update: Doctors Can Not Discriminate

This June we brought you the story of a lesbian couple in California who were denied treatment at a fertility clinic because of their sexual orientation. The couple sued, and today the California Supreme Court unanimously ruled that doctors can not refuse service to people for being gay.

PageOneQ has the complete story on Guadalupe Benítez (shown above left, with her family) who was denied treatment. In a victory for public health for all people in California, Benítez said, "It was an awful thing to go through... It was very painful — the fact that you have someone telling you they will not help you because of who you are, that they will deny your right to be a mother and have a family."

It's frightening to think there are some medical professionals who would deny care to someone simply because of who they are. This ruling will hopefully send a clear message that equal medical care is a fundamental right for everybody.

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