Thursday, September 25, 2008

Arizona Clergy Against Discrimination

While it is often assumed that many clergy people are in favor of banning marriage equality, this is certainly far from the case...

Take a look at Arizona, which along with Florida and California, is facing a anti-marriage amendment. Religious leaders in Tuscon this week have come out publicly against it. They are urging people to vote "no" on Arizona's Proposition 102 which would ban gays and lesbians from the same right to marry as heterosexual Arizonans.

The conference was held on Tuesday, and included a diverse mix of clergy from various Arizona synagogues and churches.

"To follow Jesus, I must stand up and say 'no' to an amendment that seeks to widen the gap between 'us' and 'them,'" said Kelly Frieders, a member of Mosaic United Methodist Church.

Says Rabbi Helen Cohn of Congregation M'kor Hayim, "Legislation based on one group's religious beliefs is completely contrary to all this country stands for."

Be sure to read more on this faith community stance against discrimination.

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