Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BREAKING: Maryland High Court Rules Against Anti-Trans Measure

Equality Maryland just alerted us that the highly contested anti-trans measure aimed at rolling back protections for transgender residents living in Montgomery Country will not be included on the November general election ballot! The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that an inadequate referendum petition to block a unanimously enacted human rights law protecting transgender people cannot go on the ballot, and that the law must be allowed to go into effect as of today.

Maryland’s Court of Appeals reverses Montgomery Country’s Circuit Court’s previous ruling that the referendum effort to overturn this law should be included on the ballot, despite the acknowledgement that the petition did not carry the legally required number of signatures. PFLAG is pleased to note that today’s ruling by the Maryland Court of Appeals is the final word on the fate of this unjust referendum.

Today’s ruling ensures that equality will be extended to transgender residents living in Montgomery Country protecting them fairly from unjust discrimination and harassment. Despite today’s historic victory, however, it’s important to note that similar struggles are taking place in other localities across the country. We must continue resisting attempts to roll back our basic civil rights, and use today’s ruling as evidence that these rights cannot be easily eliminated for our family and friends.

To learn more about this ruling please visit Equality Maryland’s website.

- J. Rhodes Perry

Update: Read PFLAG's full statement regarding today's ruling online here.

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