Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Debating 'Love' & Palin

PFLAG's calls for Alaska Governor (and GOP VP nominee) Sarah Palin to clarify her position on Love Won Out and the "ex-gay" movement, and our Anchorage chapter's preparations to respond to Love this weekend, have ignited debate and discussion on the web and in the blogosphere.

PFLAGers can join the conversation by visiting any of these sites, where visitors are debating Love and Palin, and previewing Saturday's PFLAG response to the "ex-gay" conference coming to Anchorage:

Queerty: PFLAG Calls on Palin to Denounce 'Ex-Gay' Conference

On Top Magazine: Outrage Over Ex-Gay Conference Supported by Palin's Church

The Advocate: PFLAG Condemns 'Ex-Gay' Conference Endorsed by Palin's Church

The Bilerico Project: What Governor Palin Needs to Know About 'Love'

Progressive Alaska: There Will Be Something for EVERYONE This Saturday in Anchorage!

Pam's House Blend also previews Saturday's PFLAG visit to Love Won Out, and for ongoing coverage of the Love controversy, PFLAG's reponse and photos & coverage of Saturday's events, be sure to check-in with Bent Alaska, which will have on-the-ground coverage as everything unfolds.

Log on, and join the conversation.

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