Monday, September 22, 2008

Florida is "No Place for Bigotry"

...and neither is it's Constitution, according to the editors of The Orlando Sentinel.

While much of the national spotlight has been on the very critical outcome of California's Proposition 8 this November, there are other states facing bans on marriage equality that could be written into their state constitutions. Florida is one such state, and Arizona is another. While neither of these states recognize same-sex marriage, it is crucial for residents to always vote against enshrining anti-gay descrimination in state law.

Of the ballot measure in Florida, the editors remarked, "This measure seems more like a cynical attempt to bring out the conservative base in a presidential election year. Our recommendation: Vote No." The anti-equality ammendment needs approval from 60 percent of Florida voters to pass.

PFLAGers in Florida have not been idle in raising community awareness: just this weekend in Collier County, local PFLAG chapter members were out to let their community know just how they felt. "It's a family issue, it's a fairness issue, and it's an equal civil rights issue," said Ruth Dorfman of PFLAG.

Read more about the PFLAG pro-equality rally over the weekend here in The Naples Daily News.

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