Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gold, Light, 'Crisis' and Compassion

Openly gay furniture designer Mitchell Gold is most well-known for lush and plush home decor, but what some in the LGBT community may not be as aware of is his longtime advocacy on important issues- his generous philanthropy to the community and his work as founder of Faith in America, a non-profit organization dedicated to countering religious-based intolerance and clearing up the record about what it really means to be a person of faith and compassion.

Mitchell has given enormous amounts of time and money to battle the anti-LGBT forces, but his latest project, a book compilation entitled Crisis, is also a gift to the broader community... a soaring and moving testament to the struggles of LGBT people- and an often wrenching account of the obstacles and hate that so many people overcome to live authentically. And on Monday night in New York, some of the community's brightest stars and brightest minds, came out to toast Mitchell, his book and his advocacy on behalf of equality and civil rights.

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