Monday, September 29, 2008

An Interview with John & Char Cepek

John and Char Cepek were interviewed by The Body at the World AIDS Conference in Mexico City. Please click this link to read their story, beginning with when their child coming out, to educating themselves on how to support their loved one, to then becoming activists for LGBT people everywhere.

John and Char were such a rarity at the World AIDS Conference. Our networking zone for LGBT people and their families was a haven to many people who did not come from accepting families. Several individuals just stopped by the booth to talk to a parent who supported their identity. It was saddening at our support group to hear so few stories from people with family backgrounds of acceptance and love. People really gravitated to John and Char and had so many questions about how they came to be such great parents and advocates.

PFLAG’s mission of support was certainly met at the conference, and we saw just how critical parents’ voices are in working toward equality. Thank you to John and Char for showing so many people that our slogan for the conference “family support and acceptance equals hope, health, and well-being,” is a reality. You touched so many lives!

Click here to read the complete interview with John and Char Cepek in Mexico City.

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