Friday, September 5, 2008

Introducing Caffection

Connection + Affection = CAFFECTION! **Got Caffection?**

PFLAG supporters Mariah and Byron Edgington emailed this morning to let us know about Caffection, their new blog and upcoming website.

"We view couples in long-term, happy, healthy relationships as married and hope that soon our country will support all caffected unions," Mariah wrote.

"We believe in marriage," the Edgingtons write at Caffection. "We believe everyone who chooses to marry should be married to their best friend. Those who would deny to certain individuals the pleasure, self-fulfillment, spiritual enrichment and basic human desire to connect with another person may have reservations about some of the depictions in our work. One of the hallmarks of our celebration of marriage is a constant and energetic search for the positive in everything. We'll say it again: we believe in marriage to your best friend. Our belief is that the one thing the world needs more of is love, and that every human being deserves to love and be loved according to their own definitions and desires. Caffection has no race, religion, creed, gender, age or other bias."

Their LGBT-inclusive site includes information on relationships, unions and "marrying your best friend." Be sure to surf over, check them out and say hello!

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