Monday, September 15, 2008

Marsha's Turn: Opposing "Conversion Therapy"

Last week we covered PFLAGers in Alaska, coming together to offer support and a pro-family and pro-equality voice to those attending the so-called "Love Won Out" conference in Anchorage.

The wonderful Marsha Buck, treasurer of the Juneau, Alaska PFLAG chapter, has an op-ed that appeared over the weekend in The Juneau Empire. Be sure to read My Turn: PFLAG Opposes "Conversion Therapy."

Marsha says it best:

"Programs like Love Won Out are dangerous for kids and divisive for families. Every bit of evidence available suggests that children who grow up in homes that accept them - and not try to change them - are far happier and healthier than those subjected to these anti-family tactics. It is nothing short of extremist to imply that families should do anything other than love their children as they are, and nothing short of outrageous to infer that LGBT kids aren't fine just the way they are."

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