Thursday, September 25, 2008

PepsiCo Announces $500,000 Gift

In an extraordinary demonstration of its commitment to equality, progress and building allied communities, the PepsiCo Foundation has announced a record $500,000 gift for PFLAG's Straight for Equality program. The Foundation's gift, which will be used to expand workplace training, support chapter-based projects and for the creation of new Straight for Equality outreach tools, will be distributed over teh course of the next two years.

"PepsiCo has provided PFLAG with an enormous gift, and an unparalleled opportunity, to demonstrate the power we have to create change, no matter where we are, or who we are," said PFLAG executive director Jody M. Huckaby. "Because of the Foundation's generosity and commitment, we now have the resources to produce materials for our chapters to use in their communities, and to create critically important conversations, in every corner of our country."

PFLAG launched Straight for Equality in October 2007 in an effort to invite and engage new allies for equality. The program, designed to reach the straight ally who doesn't necessarily have a family connection in the traditional PFLAG sense, has been hailed as an effective and unique model for reaching new potential allies who share PFLAG's commitment to equality for all.
"The challenge wasn't just figuring out how to talk to these potential supporters," said PFLAG national president John Cepek. "It was about finding the place where, on a national level, we could get the conversation started, and keep up the momentum moving forward."

The PepsiCo Foundation gift, the company said, is intended to continue building and implementing the unique Straight for Equality approach to relationship building.

"We are delighted to continue our partnership with PFLAG," stated Jacqueline Millan, Director of PepsiCo Corporate Contributions. "The Straight for Equality in the Workplace training program is unique in that it is promoting the necessary message of inclusion to untapped groups within the local community, and that is a crucial step towards building a healthy working environment."

The PepsiCo and PFLAG partnership is the result of a strong commitment to Straight for Equality by Peggy Moore, PepsiCo's former Senior Vice President of Human Resources, who now serves as a PFLAG National board member. Moore began the relationship in 2005 as PepsiCo conducted a strategic assessment about targeted investments for increasing LGBT diversity and inclusion within the company. Moore, in partnership with PepsiCo's EQUAL LGBT employee gropu, has been a champion of PFLAG and Straight for Equality, and an integral contributor to the program's philosophy.

PepsiCo Foundation's funding will provide important resources, and create additional Straight for Equality programs for use by PFLAG chapters.


Ken said...

I am gladdened to see Pepsi and other corporations take this step. I got the email about phoning them but being Deaf I prefer to email Pepsi. Perhaps PLFAG will consider this?

Anonymous said...

As a member of pflag I want to sincerely thank pepsico for thier generous donation to the straight for equality program. My family and I will continue to show our appresiation by purchasing your products. once again thank you very much

Cleriece said...

Thank you to PepsiCo for its support. I will continue to purchase pepsi products and will encourage others to do so, as a way of showing my appreciation.

Anonymous said...

It makes me very proud to hear of companies supporting necessary causes. This is a fantastic program and the financial support will help so much in its success. Way to go Pepsi! It is my favourite drink, so there is no problem supporting them. Thanks to Pepsi and all those who took part in making this decision!!

Missy Howse-Willard said...

Thanks, PepsiCo.