Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PFLAG to Visit 'Love Won Out' in Alaska

On Saturday morning, PFLAG families, supporters and allies will come together in Anchorage, Alaska as Love Won Out brings its so-called "ex-gay" conference to our 49th state. PFLAGers will gather outside the conference to offer support for youth attending and information for parents and families.

“Families never win at Love Won Out,” said Jane Schlittler, president of PFLAG’s Anchorage, Alaska chapter. “The conference’s organizers maliciously target often well-meaning parents who are dealing with a difficult issue in their lives, and in the process put their kids’ well-being at risk. Make no mistake: There is far more ‘preying’ than ‘praying’ taking place at these meetings, and far more harming than healing in the doctrine of Love Won Out.”

Programs such as Love Won Out, which is a project of the far-right American Family Association, use out-moded medical theories and radical religious beliefs to justify trying to alter gay and lesbian people's natural sexual orientation.

“Programs like Love Won Out are dangerous for kids and divisive for families,” said PFLAG National executive director Jody M. Huckaby. “Every bit of evidence available suggests that children who grow up in homes that accept them – and not try to change them – are far happier and healthier than those subjected to these anti-family tactics. It is nothing short of extremist to imply that families should do anything other than love their children as they are, and nothing short of outrageous to infer that LGBT kids aren’t fine just the way they are.”

Saturday’s event in Anchorage has sparked widespread attention and protest following reports that Wasilla Bible Church, where Republican Vice Presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin is a member, has endorsed the Love Won Out conference. In a statement, PFLAG noted that, “It is unfair, at this point, to assume that Governor Palin endorses so-called ‘ex-gay’ therapy like that espoused by Love Won Out,” but that “Saturday's event in Anchorage provides an important opportunity for the first GOP mom on the party's presidential ticket to make clear that she, as a mother and a public servant, will not condone, either explicitly or implicitly, such attempts at dividing our families and hurting our kids.”

“Palin, and lawmakers of both parties, should seize that opportunity,” PFLAG said, “and stand up as boldly and outspokenly for all of our kids as much as they do for their own.”

To be part of Saturday morning's gathering, email Jane Schlittler at schlittler@ak.net. And to join the debate about Governor Palin, Love Won Out and the "ex-gay" movement, visit Pam's House Blend and Queerty online.

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Anonymous said...

I was trying to get info on the conference when I came across your site. I attended this conference and really must say that it was about how we need to love our family and friends who are gay. Not once did I ever hear any bashing or preying. I, as a newer christian, believe christians of the past were very wrong, and some still are. Its not about judging your lifestyle, its about us, moving beyond the fear and loving unconditionally. I don't have to agree with your views just like you don't have to agree with mine, but we can still love one another. It is possible. Jesus came to save ALL not just the straight. I do hope you can find it to forgive and know that I am truely sincere in what I have said. May the Lord bless you abundantly.