Monday, September 22, 2008

The Thorons: "Don't Eliminate Marriage for Anyone"

Be sure to catch former PFLAG National President Sam Thoron and his wife, Julia, speak up for marriage equality, courtesy of Many thanks to the Thoron family - and remember California residents: vote no on Proposition 8.


Nancy and Fred said...

Thanks for speaking out on behalf of our loved ones. We are New Mexico parents of gay daughter who married her wonderful partner this year in Massachusetts. We want equal rights for all of our children everywhere!

Jeannie said...

Very well done!
Jeannie - PFLAG Atlanta

Sophia said...

Thank you for reminding people that this is about fairness and family. I am happy to be in Massachusetts were my mother and her wife are given the same rights as my father and his wife.
It makes me sad that only two states recognize equal rights in the field of marriage. Thanks for reminding people to support them.

John Larson said...

Thank you for doing this. My son and his partner are celebrating the 14th anniversary of their commitment ceremony with a trip to Orage County California to obtain a legal Marriage. Thank you for working to maintain this possibility.

John Larson, long time PFLAG Dad

James R. "Jay" Jackson said...

Thank you guys for putting faces for people to relate to. And thank you for standing for what is right, and denouncing what is wrong, for our country--gay and straight alike.

Much love,


Denny & Karyl said...

We are prod to know you and to stand with you for equality for ALL of our loved ones !

Denny & Karyl Spargo

Publisher of Truth said...

As a gay man, I have been struggling for all gay rights, but the right to marry, with its concomitant family rights and recognition of health-care decisions, etc. is critical to our coming of age. Enough of discrimination of any sort! It is time the US moved into the 21st Century

The Other Katherine Harris said...

Bravo, You! That's a great spot, which should appeal to every reasonable person. It truly baffles me that anyone could feel his or her marriage is somehow threatened by anybody else's.

As the proud mom of a wonderful gay son and close friend of many other fine gay people, I look forward to the day when no couple in America can be denied the right to marry.

Warm regards from New Mexico.

Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz said...

Hello Thorons! Great video! Thanks for speaking out!

Babs & Jerry - PFLAG Atlanta

Dave - PFLAG Long Beach said...

I commend you both for your courage and conviction to stand up. As a gay man who is not supported by his family it always brings a tear to my eye when I see parents like yourselves show so much love and support to your daughter and to the gay community. Thank You.

Byron E. said...

Awesome video. Your testimony will make some impact on those that might be sitting on the fence with this decision. Congrats on a great ad!!

Annette said...

Thank you! We are all watching what happens in California! I hope that one day my son, along with thousands of other GLBT people, can marry! Thank you from Indiana!

Mary Jo said...

Thank you for speaking out. I am proud of my gay son and want equal rights for all our children.

Warmest regards,

Mary Jo

Judie said...

As the proud mother of 3 grown children, one of which happens to be gay, I believe that every person DESERVES the same rights. The right to marry, to have the same medical rights and privileges, the right to adopt, etc., etc., etc!!!

My gay son, who is 23, and his boyfriend are celebrating their
5th anniversary this week. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ROB AND MATT!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Judie - Proud NY PFLAG Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thoron's for speaking out!

I hope that here in Arizona we can defeat an amendment AGAIN this November.

Much love and respect,


Sandi said...

It takes special people to take a public stand. We have to stand up for our LGBTQ friends and family, for if we don't take a stand who will? I am a mother of an 18 year old out and proud lesbian Daughter and a 22 year old straigt Son.I will be 50 next month and my prayer is to see my daughter obtain the same rights in this country that I have as a heterosexual. Because it is WRONG that I have these rights and my daughter and all other members of the LGBTQ community do not. Thank you both for standing up and being strong and speaking true. We are all with you in spirit.



JoEllen said...

Thank you so much for this ad that puts the 'normal' face on families with gay members. We had the privilege of meeting you at S.F. Pride in March when we were visiting our son and his partner - soon to be married officially there. You are an inspiration ~
Jo Ellen and Harry,
PFLAG Richmond, Va.

kensf94114 said...

We are SO GRATEFUL for Julia and Sam Thoron's leadership, guidance, dedication, and perseverance to have marriage equality for everyone! Their caring, compassion, and love are such an inspiration to us!

Ken Prag and Steve Collins in San Francisco

Arnold said...

We are so proud of both of you. This is super.

We can't wait to become Californians; we bought a home in Santa Rosa. We will move as soon as we sell our home in Memphis!!

Mieneke and Arnold Drake

Anonymous said...

We admire your courage to stand up for what is right. Our two children are gay, a son and a daughter. We hope for all our children to have equal rights everywhere.

Linda & Michael, PFLAG Florida

victoria phillips said...

thanks so much for taking a stand. i truley admire your love for your daughter. she truley has understanding parents.

NO TO PROP 8!!!!!

victoria phillips said...

thanks so much for taking a stand. i truley admire your love for your daughter. she truley has understanding parents.

NO TO PROP 8!!!!!

Dorothee said...

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Thoron.
I became more active politically when I started having nightmares that my government might annul my marriage. My spouse and I have been married close to 40 years now, and 25 of them were "straight" and the rest have been wonderfully GLBT. My spouse transgendered and we instantly became one of those "other" marriages. (Yes, it was challenging!)
How in the world could my marriage negatively affect other persons' marriages? In fact, our triumphant struggle actually saved a few hetero marriages - "WOW, if you can get through this so well, we can make it through our problems, too."
Again, thank you.
Dorothee Baker, Cedar Crest, NM