Tuesday, September 16, 2008

True Family Values

Earlier this year, in May, New York State Governor David Paterson [pictured, left] directed all state agencies to recognize same-sex marriage. While the state's Senate (unlike the state's Assembly) has not yet passed legislation allowing full marriage equality, the state does recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages after Paterson's directive.

Opponents of equality took the matter to court, but were turned down: their case was dismissed by the State Supreme Court in the Bronx earlier this month. Marriage is “one of life’s most significant events,” Justice Lucy Billings wrote in her ruling, explaining the deeper reason for the state’s recognition rule. And she said that “nothing is more antithetical to family stability” than failing to respect “that solemnized commitment.”

While opponents claim they plan on appealing the decision, for now it seems New York will continue to recognize same-sex couples who have married elsewhere. Today, in The New York Times, the editors laud Gov. Paterson's actions as "right, fair and legally sound." They also urge the state's Senate to pass a bill allowing full marriage equality, as did the State Assembly, saying they "must also do the right thing."

Indeed, allowing full marriage equality is what real family values are all about.

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