Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Victory for Two Florida Dads

"Two months after the foster child came to live in Wayne LaRue Smith's two-story Key West home, the brown-eyed 5-year-old boy looked up from the kitchen table and, in a plaintive voice, asked what seemed a simple question. 'Will you be my daddy?'''

Florida - along with Mississippi - remains one of the two states remaining in the U.S. that ban gay people from adopting. But there is a glimmer if legal hope for LGBT prospective parents in the Sunshine State. Earlier this month, a circuit judge in Monroe County ruled the 31-year-old ban unconstitutional, thus allowing a gay foster parent, Wayne LaRue, to adopt a teenage boy he has raised since 2001.

Today The Miami Herald takes a look at Wayne's family that now includes his partner Daniel and their successfully adopted son. In a time when there are so many children in the foster care system in need of loving and supportive homes it seems especially hateful and discriminatory to deny children in need of stable care and parenting.

''We were a family going into this,'' Wayne's partner Daniel says. ``We're just more of a solidified family now.'' Be sure to read more...

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