Thursday, October 23, 2008

Extra! Extra! Get Extra PFLAGpoles!

As you know we recently sent out the newest edition of the PFLAGpole newsletter. We have several newsletters left over and instead of recycling them we wanted to offer them to you! If your chapter has paid 2007-2008 dues and have either already paid 2008-2009 dues or you get them in by November 15, we would like to offer the extra copies to you in bundles of 100.

These would be great to hand out to newcomers at your meetings. You could also include them in part of any resource table that you offer, or keep a few copies in your chapter library. If you end up doing something else with them, let us know. We love to hear the creative ways that PFLAGers use the resources they’re given.

-Erin Williams

If you’re interested in the free (in bundles of 100) extra copies of the most recent PFLAGpole, please email Erin Cranford Williams at

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