Friday, October 31, 2008

For All of Our Children

This comes to us from Annette Goss (pictured, second from left, in red) a chapter board member of PFLAG Indianapolis. She shared this in her chapter newsletter, and now we are sharing it with you...

I was asked to write a piece about Prop. 8 – the proposition being put forth in California which would rescind marriage rights for GLBT people. I wasn’t sure what I could say. Sure, we all want marriage rights for our children. As I pondered this issue, I realized that there is something wrong with having to vote for basic civil rights - rights which every (almost) American has.

By putting forth this proposition, the government is in effect saying that our children are in a separate group, a group that has to fight for what is inherently theirs. When my son was born, I took it for granted that he would be able to marry, keep a job without fear, and raise a family. It never occurred to me that these things could be denied to him because of who he is. It seems to me that our children are constantly being tested because of who they are.

Legislators don’t know my son – they don’t know how bright he is, how well he performs at his job, what his views are on issues of the day. They just see him as less-than because of his sexuality. As parents, we all know that our kid’s sexuality is just one aspect of who they are.

This week I made phone calls to California to ask voters to vote "No" on Prop. 8. As I listened to the folks who said they would vote yes, I felt sad that they couldn’t meet my son and all the other millions of GLBT people who just want to live their lives as ordinary people, go to their jobs every day, raise their families and have a loving, committed relationship.

I pray that the citizens of California don’t write discrimination into their Constitution. I hope that these citizens realize that GLBT people have faces, voices, and hearts – they are all of our children.

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