Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Help Arizona Win the Battle . . . Again

Yesterday, I received a call from a PFLAGer who is volunteering to help defeat Proposition 102 in Arizona. She reached out to us because the campaign to stop this unfair and discriminatory amendment needs our help.

For the second time, Arizona voters are being asked to consider modifying the state's constitution to ban recognition of same-sex couples. Arizona residents defeated a similar proposal in 2006, and refused to write discrimination into the constitution. Two years later, pro-equality allies in the state are asking voters to vote no again.

The PFLAGer who contacted us yesterday noted that, while our opponents in Arizona have raised millions of dollars for their campaign, our allies have yet to raise even 10% of that total.

While much of our movement's attention has been focused on efforts to defeat ballot initiatives in California and Florida, our friends in Arizona are waging an equally tough battle . . . and the consequences are very real, and very serious, for families there.

Please take a moment to visit the Vote No on Prop 102 website to learn how you can do more to assist efforts on the ground in Arizona, including by making a much-needed contribution to help defeat this anti-LGBT amendment.

If we stand up, and stand with our friends in Arizona, we can win this battle again.

(Remember: Early voting is now underway in Arizona. Please vote no on Proposition 102, and if you have friends or family in the state, please ask them to do the same.)

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