Friday, October 17, 2008

Hope, And A Window of Opportunity, For Bi-National Families

Our friends at Immigration Equality have pointed out that, from now until December 2, there is a limited opportunity for Americans in same-sex relationships to secure green cards for their non-American partners.
While U.S. immigration law currently prevents Americans from sponsoring a same-sex partner for a green card, a "Diversity Visa Lottery" presents a limited window of opportunity for legally keeping LGBT bi-national families together.

"Frequently the only hope for thousands of LGBT immigrants who want to come to or remain in the U.S., the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery is a simple, free, online-only program to provide immigrant visas (green cards) to individuals from countries with low overall levels of immigration to the United States," Immigration Equality notes.

The organization has laid out a simple step by step online application guide. And those who need assistance after reading through the instructions can also contact Pamela Denzer at for more help on taking part in the lottery.

For more information, also visit Immigration Equality online.

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