Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If You Believe in Mermaids... Don't Tell

Don't tell anyone what you wish for, even your parents. I learned that way back when I was six years old. “Dad, I want to be a mermaid."
Big mistake. Trust me. You gotta keep it inside. Because sons aren't supposed to want that, and parents never forget. says the main character, Todd, in the new book If You Believe in Mermaids...Don't Tell, by A.A. Philips.Thirteen-year-old Todd Winslow is a boy who likes to play with dolls and dresses - much to the dismay of his family, especially his father. One summer at a nature camp is about to change everything for Todd, though.

After having read it, I have to say this is a great book - it digs deep into the painful realities experienced by gender-variant youth. While the author provides an unflinching look at life through the eyes of a boy who doesn't act the way "normal" boys are "supposed" to behave, there is healing and hope in friendships and the future. This is a great novel for young adults and youths regardless of whether they are LGBT or straight, gender-variant or a parent of a gender-variant youth. I think many PFLAG parents and friends will especially identify with the characters in this book. Click here to get a copy today.

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