Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Systematic Change: An Interview with Citi's Chief Diversity Officer

This is an excerpt from the current issue of PFLAG's newsletter, The PFLAGpole. To read the newsletter, and this article, in its entirety, click here.

For the better part of a century, Citi has been a corporation that builds neighborhoods and sustains communities. The company's philanthropic work dates back to 1917, when they provided emergency funding for international disaster relief as well as $250,000 to the American Red Cross. Throughout the century - and through two world wars, a landing on the moon and innovations such as the computer - Citi has continued its generous legacy. Their charitable contributions for 2007 totaled $95.6 million - and PFLAG National's Safe Schools Program was one of their recipients. . . .

According to the Chief Diversity Officer for Citi, Ana Duarte McCarthy, "globally, Citi Foundation focuses its giving on microfinance, small and growing businesses, financial education, the environment and U.S. community development." In addition, "Citi is looking to partner with organizations that share our mission of inclusion and a culture of supporting individuals where people can succeed. As such, PFLAG is viewed as an important partner. PFLAG reflects that in the work they perform in the communities."

. . . "We fund the PFLAG National because the safe schools program is broad in scope and on-going with an 'embedded focus,'" said Ms. Duarte McCarthy. "It ensures an environment where children can optimize their potential. Additionally, the program is local and provides a multitude of intervention tools. We hope to create a society where individuals are safe, evolved and appreciated, not just tolerated."

This article continues on page 3 of the latest PFLAGpole.

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