Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More About Books

Today’s Washington Post includes a letter to the editor written by Metro DC PFLAG board member David Fishback, who shines a spotlight on the dangers of misinformation . . . .especially in our schools and libraries. His letter is a follow up to a story in the Post about donating books to Fairfax, County, Virginia schools, which I wrote about here on the PFLAG blog last week.

David’s letter rightly calls out groups like Focus on the Family for providing discredited and dangerous information about being gay. David writes that, “…since all mainstream American medical and mental health professional associations have concluded that homosexuality is not a disorder and that conversion therapies can cause great damage to those exposed to them." Therefore, he notes, “It would be irresponsible for school libraries to accept books offering false medical and mental health information.

David is absolutely correct.

And have no doubt that we are going to see this fight in many school districts around the country. So please watch for the issue, reach out to your school system and make sure they have credible, responsible books that provide real information for all students. If they do not, find out how to get books into the school and contact me ( to discuss setting up a book donation in your community.

- Suzanne Greenfield

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